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All Natural Homemade Lye Soap

We offer an all natural homemade lye soap with no chemicals or preservatives which provides a superior moisturizing experience. By using a natural product you will have healthier skin and you will help keep the environment healthy, too!

Made With
Six Natural Oils

Our soaps are made with six natural oils (coconut, palm, rice, apricot, castor & olive oils) using only the finest ingredients. You will find that it lathers up and turns into a nice creamy lotion to keep your skin moisturized whether you are using it in the bath, shower, to shampoo your hair or to shave with!

Scents To Please Everyone

We have scents that will surely satisfy everyone and even offer an unscented for those who have the most sensitive noses. You will also love that we offer top-notch customer service along with our top-notch soaps. We stand behind our product 100%!

"Anyone's life truly lived consists of work, sunshine, exercise, soap, plenty of fresh air, and a happy contented spirit."

- Lillie Langtry

Featured Categories


You will find our top-selling scent Lemon Honey in the fruity category and many more like Sweet Orange and Paradise. If you like fruity scents this one has you covered!


With scents like Snow Angel, Seaweed, and Rain the soaps in our lightly scented category are sure to please just about anyone anytime of year!


The bars in our functional soaps category contain things like: bug repellant, unscented bars, and polishing bars with (gluten free) oatmeal.

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