“Hi,I used the the soap I bought on my dog and she was so calm and smelled so good after I would def buy more soap thank you ✨✨✨”

Akira 9/25/23

“BTW – I only use YOUR soap in my shower 😊 – it’s just the best that I’ve ever found.  So you have a repeat customer here for as long as you’re making soap.  Sooooo if or when you decide to get out of it, I would like to know so that I can really stock up!  What I bought this time will last me for a little over a year and a half since it’s just me at home.  But I do give your soap as Christmas & birthday gifts.”

Anita 9/16/23

“Hi Joanne,

I received my order earlier this week and am so happy 😁 I’ve tried other people’s soaps and none of them have been as soft and silky on my skin as the soaps I’ve purchased from you. If you have any “irregular” oatmeal almond bars I would be interested in those too. I’m so glad I remembered your business name. I prefer supporting small businesses. I am excited to try the cinnamon soap.

I’m also excited to share with you that the almond oatmeal soap has helped calm my psoriasis.

Have a blessed weekend 🙏

Blessings to you ☮️”

Lisa Mae 9/15/23

“I received my soaps. My husband and I both love your soaps. Your husband told my daughter and I that you use the soap to wash your hair, so I tried it. I love it! And I react to a lot of scents, but not yours. I’m glad you’re still around!”

Chris 7/20/23

I just wanted to let you know I appreciate your quick response to my order. I absolutely love your products ♡ I am hoping that you keep making soap for a long time. I have terrible experiences with soap. I find handmade soap then they either sell the business or quit. So I am hoping you will be around for awhile ♡

“Thank you so much for being a small business who takes pride in their products ♡”

Kayla 5/6/23

“Good morning, Joanne!  We love your soap.  Our favorite is the almond oatmeal, my husband loves it, but I just opened a bar of the rose, and I think that is my new favorite!  My hair did better with it, too.  I haven’t used shampoo or conditioner in months, just your soap.  Now I wish I had waited to order and added rose.  Next time! Hope you are having a good winter.  We are in Arkansas so are really ready for spring!!  Thanks for a great product!”

Marsha 2/2/23

“Thank you for the note. I really love your soap. I even washed my hair with it to see how it would work. It was great. I first bought your soap at your New Prague school where I was selling hats and donated all money to school. Loved the soap. Ordered on line once and now again. Everyone is getting your product for Christmas. And thanks for the extra cards too. Merry Christmas”

Pat 12/16/22

“I love your soaps!  I’ve been using it for shampoo since October and I take it when I get my hair cut for my hairdresser to use!  She said “I think you’ve stumbled onto something good!”  I now have three neighbors using your soap!!   I try to keep a couple good bars on hand for gifts, but like buying the irregulars for our use.  You were out of irregular almond oatmeal when I ordered, so I tried a couple new fragrances this time.  I’ll keep checking for the almond oatmeal irregulars!  Hope you have a wonderful Holiday season! MERRY CHRISTMAS!”

Marsha  11/28/22

“Thank you for your prompt order received soaps today love them you guys are awesome 👏”

George 11/23/22

Thank you so much♡  I absolutely love your soap! My hands are so soft now.

“Yes I looked at your shows and nothing was close to Fargo so I knew I needed to order some! Stay warm and safe♡”

Kayla 11/10/22

“Thank you Joanne. I received order Tuesday. Everything was great! I am using them for gifts this Christmas. I bought some at your show at SWS New Prague. I was a mitten vendor there in the hallway. I used one of the bars and loved it, so went on line and ordered more before the Christmas rush. Definitely will order more down the road. Happy Thanksgiving.”

Pat 11/9/22

“I bought some of your soap at the War Eagle Craft Show in Rogers on Friday, October 14.  I used it Saturday, even washing my hair with it, and loved it.  I told a couple of my neighbors how much I liked it, and they bought some Sunday at the craft show.  They also love it, so we got this order together!  I’m amazed at how great my hair is using it.  Haven’t even used conditioner since then.  My husband also loves it!  I am also using much less body lotion.  Wish you made a lotion, too! Thanks for making such a great product!”

Marsha 10/26/22

“I’ve been using your soaps for close to 3 years. The last round I bought a charcoal one for my face. It was the only one I had left for about a month before the street fair, so I started using it for body soap also. It worked AMAZING  on the bumps on the backs of my arms and legs!  It also improved a small spot of psoriasis on my knee. I pray for your business to prosper for years to come!  Thank you for putting so much time and effort into your soaps!”

Cassandra 7/21/22

“We love this soap and buy it every year at the Spicer flea market. It feels so good on your skin, doesn’t dry out your skin, and lasts Forever! Plus there are so many great scents!”

Jackie 7/3/22

“Great, thank you so much! My husband and I both love your soap, and he’s almost out of the bay rum. He’ll be happy to get more before he runs out!😊”

Chris 5/24/22

“Thank you for the update.  I just love your soaps!  I have rocesa and your soaps work so well for me.”

Caroll 1/27/22

Great, thank you so much! We’ve loved your soap and have truly found a difference with it from other bars. Since we have such young kids, we find we wash our hands a lot, and your soap doesn’t dry out our hands. I hope you have a great evening and a happy holiday season! Thanks again!

Alex 12/21/21

“It is always a delight to receive your soaps. They are the best!”

Brenda 12/10/21

“Thank you, Joanne. My soap arrived safely a few days ago. I was so happy to receive it! I had just used the last of the bar I purchased at the War Eagle crafts fair. I am completely addicted and don’t ever want to be without your peppermint soap again!! Have a joyful and blessed holiday season!

Janet 11/28/21

“Hey Steven, you gave me a sample to try on my face. I’ve had an outbreak from my rosacea that started in early July. I saw the Dermatologist twice and got antibiotics and some salves to put on it. I had three to seven zits in my nose and the cheeks from July to October, and it was purple. I started using the soap on Saturday evening and immediately my blemishes started to dry up. I couldn’t believe it, I’ve had this for three months and nothing helped. Now it’s been a week and my nose continues to improve. Thank you!!! I’d like a couple full bars please, what do I do?”

Lois 10/22/21

“Thank you love your soap I was at Yankton SD Riverboat days .I been using goats milk soap but know I’ve changed to yours. Love The Hemp Soap husband even loves it.”

Heidi 9/29/21

“Good Morning Joanne,  I just wanted to let you know that I received my order on 8/3/2021.   Thank you for the excellent customer service and for the excellent products.   I really enjoy your soap.   Have a great day!”

Bonnie 8/5/21

“Awesome, thank you so much! Your soap is my favorite! I first purchased from you at Arts In the Park about 6 years ago. This is my 2nd online order. I tried  others but yours is the best.”

Brenda 7/24/21

“So good to see you in Fargo at Street Fair this weekend! My daughter asked, “did you buy Tea Tree or Northwoods?” As the answer was no, you’ll hear from me with a larger order. Your soaps are the best, our favorite! Wishing you continued success at your upcoming shows and online sales.”

Rose 7/19/21

“Hi Steven & Joanne, I received my soap order today and am SO happy to get it.  I was looking forward to buying your soap at Back to the Fifties show—-which they canceled last week.  Grrrrr.    I always buy some there.  I am also a vendor at Back to the Fifties– over at Ladies Showcase, and was not very happy when they canceled.   Hope the shows you still have will be good for yu.”

Carol  5/7/21

“Love the soap and love supporting small businesses”

Joann 4/1/21

“Thank You so much, I love your soaps, and was disappointed when the Hutch craft fair was canceled, that is when I buy from you usually, I try and purchase enough to last me a whole year. Well I made it more than that, so thank you for still doing what you do best.”

Jodi 3/24/21

“I got my order on Tuesday.  A very quick turn around.  I have bought your soap at Shepherd of the Lake and Lydia.   I really like your soap. Plan on giving the soap for Easter gifts. Happy to hear shows are opening up for you.”

Mary Ellen 3/17/21

“I received yesterday!! Was on my last bar. Love your soap!”

Diane 2/23/21

“Thank you!! I received them today and I love your soaps!! I tried my best this year to buy gifts from small business owners! Hoping your business is doing well and everyone is healthy for your holidays! I have ordered a few times from you and first saw your products in Bismarck at the capital affair!”

Lori 12/11/20

“Package of soap tomorrow!! I’m excited. It’s early though, I’d envisioned it coming closer to Christmas. It’s a Christmas present for both my husband and I. Since it will arrive tomorrow, there is no way I’m waiting to dive into that box of soap!!! What with extra washing due to Covid, my husband and I have been wanting the good stuff. Store-bought does not compare. Thank you for getting our soap out the door so quickly and thank you for making the best soap!”

Sharon (and Tim too) 12/9/20

“Hi Joanne, Thank you, I just love your soap.
Miss you at Cranfest!!!! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving 😊 ”
Lori 11/24/20

“Thanks!  Your soap is just the best!”
Peg 11/21/20

“Thanks! I sing your praises and faithfully make an order every few months because I often give them as gifts. Love your soap!”
Krysta 11/21/20

“Hi Steven and Joanne,
Many thanks for your email.  Someone gave me a bar of your Sunset soap and I love it.  I am really not sure how/when I received your product, if I am honest.  I have not lived in MN for 20 years but still have family and friends there, so must have been one of them!  I will be sure to post the soap on my social media when it arrives.  Thanks for your quick response and wishing you and yours all the best!”
Peter 11/10/20

“Blessings to you both.  Thank you for making such a great product.  I will spread the word.  Thank you.”
Nancy 10/20/20

“Steven & Joanne,
Just wanted to send a quick thank you for my order.  It arrived on Monday the 28th, as you expected, and I enjoyed opening and smelling each of my new soaps! I was impressed by your personal email regarding my order and appreciate you sending the samples I had requested, too. Purchasing soap online can be difficult when wanting to choose new scents, like I was, so the samples will come in handy for future orders. (If only there was an app that could emit fragrances, right?) But I sure miss being able to visit you at the Fargo Street Fair and spend 20 minutes smelling every soap, some three times, trying to decide which ones buy. 🙂 Being optimistic, I’m going to look forward to seeing you there next summer and smelling soaps again…the sweet orange and your new cinnamon sound especially intriguing. Fingers crossed that this pandemic will calm down so the street fairs and craft shows can resume soon. I can imagine the impact this has had on small businesses like yours, but hopefully you’ve been able to benefit somewhat from word of mouth and repeat customer business, such as myself, generating online sales.”
Jaime 10/9/20

“Thank you for the update! I’ve been buying your soap for years at Shepherd if the Lake Lutheran Church for years!! Needed to support you guys!
Thank you so much!”
LeeAnn 10/5/20

“Hey Joanne and Steve,
Hope you are both doing well with the craziness that is 2020. I really appreciate the email. It shows you go above and beyond and value your customers. Great work! I have been buying your soaps for a few years now, mainly when you come to the Duluth show and was so excited to see the show deals online. These make excellent Christmas gifts for the other bearded gents in my family.
I got my package today as expected, thanks for the quick turn around. I’m sure you’ll be shipping to me again in no time!
Thank you!
Tony 10/1/20

“Order received and I’ve already used it!!  It’s a lifesaver!!”
Chris 9/23/20

“Thank you for this update!  I love your soap and it is the only soap I use now.  Thank you for offering the Fair prices and free shipping as well.  I will watch your website and may try your new scents, they sound nice.  I was also interest in the orange, but it said out of stock so I will watch that one as well.  God Bless!”
Michelle 9/21/20

“Thanks so much. The soaps arrived and as always they are great!!!  Thanks again, I appreciate it. You guys do such great work. Enjoy your evening, wishing blessings back to you.”
Julie 8/24/20

“I received my soaps – great service – thank you”
Pam 8/11/20

“Oh! My! Goodness! I got my order today and was just thrilled! I took the whole bunch over to my daughter and her husband and let them pick out a couple that they would like. I know they are going to love them as much as I do! I tried the soap as a shampoo (saw it in the comments on your website) and I was very pleased at how good it worked. You really get a nice lather!
Thank you so much! Great customer service!”
Sharon 8/5/20

“Hi! I got some of your soap bars at the 2019 (or was it 2018?) Brookings Summer Festival and just opened by last bar. I loved them!!! I had bought them to share with family but never did because I liked them so much!”
Sharon 8/2/20

“Thank you so much. We are not in office on Saturday but the postman knows to hold our packages until Monday. So I should receive it Monday. I’m so excited. I really enjoy your soap, the consistency of it and the scent is not overpowering or too subtle. And I love that it doesn’t dry out the skin. It’s perfect for the summer months. I’ve ordered many times and I’ve never been disappointed. And I can’t speak highly enough of your customer service with how helpful you have been in this horrible situation.
Thank you”
Megan 7/22/20

“Great thank you! I love your peppermint soap, I was glad to see your show specials-I usually stock up at the Fargo Street Fair. Hope you stay busy!”
Deb 7/8/20

“I wasn’t able to leave a review on the website but I picked up a sample and a bar of herbal citrus at the Street Fair in downtown fargo, and I just used it in the shower for the first time, i’ve been using it on my face and everything and I am BLOWN away. I have been looking for organic and non-toxic substitutes to everything I use and I had no idea how good this stuff was going to work. After the first use on my body I can honestly say I will never go back to anything else. It easily took off so much dead skin that I had no idea was there and it left my skin feeling amazing, and it smells amazing too. When I saw how much it took off I wondered why the heck everything else wasn’t able to do this. I will only be buying soaps from here from now on, I use it for everything and I never thought it would work so good. Thank you so much! I will probably be using the soaps from here for many many years.”
Maleowdy July 2020

“Thanks for this nice email. My husband and I bought a bunch of bars from Steven at the Onalaska Omnicenter a couple years ago. We really loved them and bought a bunch more for each other for Christmas. It’s been a while though, and we figured with all the hand washing we are doing these days, we deserve to do it with the best possible soaps! It’s really nice to have your bars in the bathroom again. ”
Sharon 6/30/20

“I only had a couple bars left and I love your soap.  So I was happy to place my order.  I did get the box, thanks so much!  2 of the bars will be a Father’s Day gift for my oldest son who also loves your soap.”
Anita 6/22/20

I absolutely LOVE your products!

Jessica 6/10/20

“Thanks so much, love your soap!”
Deanna 5/19/20

“Glad we can support your business, we love your soaps. Received them yesterday! We usually get them from Alexandria show in July, but sounds like we won’t be going to the cabins, they will be closed all summer. So sad. Hang in there!”
Laura 4/30/20

“The soap is great…My sister and I look forward to buying at War Eagle craft fair in Arkansas each year

Peggy 3/4/20

“They gave me a sample during Hopkins Raspberry Days 3+ years ago, and had been the only soap I’ve used since then. My skin doesn’t dry out and I hardly use lotion on my body anymore! A little bit during Dec-Feb, but it’s minimal for a Mn winter.”

Lynn 2/28/20

“Yes for sure…it’s a great product. I’m glad I found it and that you make it.”
Nancy 2/24/20

“I love your soap.  Met you in Eagle River years ago at CranFest.  Your husband gave me a sample and I tried it.  I came back the next day and bought 4 bars.  I’ve been using it ever since.  It’s the only soap I use.  I even use it on my face.  Thank you for making such a great product.”
Nancy 2/21/20

“Hi Joanne – Just absolutely love your products. Thanks so much for your fast shipping. (Got it a long time ago – just realized I never said thanks.”
Lisa 2/13/20

“Thank you!  I really enjoy your soap which I first discovered in Alexandria, MN at Art in the Park.  I can’t wait to try the new scents I ordered this time.”
Julie 2/1/20

“Thank you so much!  They came in the mail today.  I love your soaps.  I bought some at the Clara city craft show and just ran out.
Thank you for a great product.
Have a great day! ”
Sherri 1/18/20

“I bought a couple of your soaps while visiting my sister in New Prague!  I absolutely love love them!!!  I can wash my hair without use of shampoo or conditioner and have never done that before….what a treat!!!  I have shared the news of your wonderful product with anyone who will listen!!!!  Thank you!!!!”
Judy 1/14/20

“My sister told me to try this soap when I was undergoing radiation treatments. She took me to War Eagle Arkansas and she took me to your booth. I got 3 soaps and I can honestly say that it relieves the itching sensation and some of the dryness caused by radiation. I am using the almond soap now. I highly recommend this product.”

Judy 10/30/19

“Love this soap! Use everyday!”

Lynn 3/24/2019

“Thank you!! ❤ your soaps!”
Diane 6/26/19

“Thank you for the update.  I will be awaiting the order to arrive this Wednesday.  May I say that I finally have been trying out the sample of the Lemon Honey soap that you gave me from the Spring Craft Show at the Omni Center in Onalaska, WI, back in April, and I really love it!  I have not used any soap before that lathers as well as your soap.  Plus the scent of the soap is long lasting, pleasant and subtle.  Also, it does not dry out my skin, which is a feature that I really like.  I plan to purchase more soap for gifts at one of your upcoming shows, and also want to purchase some of the Rain soap that people have been using to give their dogs a bath.  Can’t wait to give it a try!
Thank you for making this wonderful product!”
Carol 6/10/19

“I bought 3 bars of your soap at the Cow Chip in Sauk City last Sept and love it. Can’t wait to get my new ones. 😁”
Lois 4/4/19

“Hi Joanne, I received my Lavender roll on’s today.  Thank you so much.  I will enjoy them and hopefully see you in the summer at Rivertown Days in Hastings.”
Joyce 1/28/19

Purchased the Oatmeal Almond Soap bar at Cranfest last year and absolutely loved it! Searched high and low from their stand this year and couldn’t find it! So glad I still had their business card so I could order another 6 for this year! Highly recommend their soaps!
Bre 10/1/18
“I was checking to see if you were coming back to Luverne this weekend! Sorry to see that you aren’t but SO happy to see your website up and running (and FREE shiPPing!) I will definitely be ordering more of your amazing soap! LOVE it! ❤️
Jennifer 6/1/18
“Thank you so much! I will be watching for my order on Friday. The last 3 years I have been buying from you at Marathon Park in September but I ran out. I tried other soaps and none measure up to yours.

Thanks again!”
Amy 4-25-18

“I tried an almond soap sample from a craft fair I went to a few weeks ago and it was awesome! I would have highly recommend if you like all natural products that still have a great smell to them!”

Cassandra 3/27/18

“Thank you for the prompt shipment. I tried the lemon/honey today and love it! I look forward to trying the other scents. I really do appreciate your high quality products!”
Brenda 2-19-18


Rose 12/17/17

“I tried this soap yesterday as a sample piece and I have not come across anything better! Just placed my first order. My hands feel so soft, you can feel the difference right away.”
Pam 11/19/17
“The soap smells great! I feel clean and fair pricing! Going to buy more!”
Jered July 15, 2017
“I absolutely love this soap it is the best! It makes my skin feel great and it smells awesome too…..
Emily July 12, 2017
“Amazing product!!! Works great head to toe. Leaves your skin soft and smooth not sticky feeling. Best of all it is all natural.”
Julie 6/23/17

“I purchased some of your soap last year at an Amish arts and crafts festival in Indiana. I was wondering how I can purchase some more. I love it and it has really helped the eczema that I have on my hands. Thanks!”
Julie 1-4-13

“I purchased some at Arts in the Park in Hutchinson and would like to get more of the Almond Oatmeal. I love this soap.”

“We met you at the craft fair in New Ulm. We bought one bar of your “medical/antiseptic smell” bar soap. We REALLY enjoy using it and it does smell clean. It does not leave scum in the shower either!! I have very dry skin on my feet and this seems to help.”

“We tried a bar of your unscented soap and liked using it.”

“Hi—I had purchased some Lemon Honey soap from you at the Alexandria “Art In the Park” this past summer. We do like your soap—plus my hubby’s hands are clean!!!!!!”

“I recently had the unfortunate experience of Head lice in my young daughters long hair. (We tried the schools suggested remedy to no avail. Then used baby oil in her hair and a shower cap overnight. This killed them.) After we killed them I wanted to keep them away. I had read that Tea Tree was a deterrent for the little critters so I got some Tea Tree soap from Majestic Soaps. I was worried about using it in her long hair without conditioner but I tried it anyway, without conditioner. Wow! Her hair combed through without any troubles and it was so soft and shiny afterwards. Even the school nurse noticed how soft it was. I also used it for my own hair and had no troubles combing, plus the soap made it more fluffy.”
Valerie 3-13-13

“Love your soap! It keeps its fragrance right to the end of the bar!! Great Product!”

“I purchased the RAIN scented soap yesterday at the S & J Majestic Soaps Tent at the Nappanee Arts Festival. I cut off a small slice from the bar today and used it to bathe my Golden Retriever, Ruger. We were both already wet as we had been out for a run in the rain, so it seemed like the ideal time to try the new soap. I was amazed at how quickly I was able to suds up my 97 pound dog. I turned on the hose and had him rinsed off completely in no time! Total bathing time: 6 minutes. My review: 5 Stars”
Diane 8-2-13

“I used the rain soap on our long haired puppy. And it does work excellently. She is super soft and her fur feels light, opposed to heavier with the other soap.”
Ashley 7/18/13

“I purchased Majestic Soaps at the Fargo Street Fair last summer and could hardly wait to go back this summer and purchase more for the entire year. I love your soaps. I love the variety of fragrances, ingredients and the fact that the soaps hold their consistency to the very end. Looking forward to next year and purchasing even more.”
Karen 8/6/13

“We saw you at the War Eagle craft fair last weekend. I was talking to I think Steven about the Rain for my dog. Used it today for the first time bathing my dog and it was awesome!!!! I love it much better than the dog shampoo I’ve been using!!! Thank you for the suggestion!!!!! Definitely will be buying it again when the time comes!!!!”
Stephanie 10/28/13

“Last night I purchased ROSEMARY SAGE LAVENDER soap at the Sioux Falls Autumn Festival and used it for the first time today. There were 5 or 6 booths selling soap at the festival and I wanted to try out a soap that would be a more natural product that is good for both myself and the environment…The reason I decided to purchase from S&J Majestic Soaps is because Steven and Joanne were extremely knowledgeable about their products AND I loved the smell of the soap. I have tried natural soaps three times before and had bad experiences…greasy residue, no lather, dries out my skin, or an unpleasant scent…This soap was AMAZING and I am actually going back to the Autumn Fest tomorrow to purchase more bars for Christmas presents! My skin felt moisturized, but clean; the scent was lovely and calming; and I got an amazingly close shave. I highly recommend this product.”
Miriah 10/28/13

“I love your soaps! They have a wonderful lather and the fragrance lasts throughout the bar. Thank you for a great product.”

“I just wanted to share that I have been using the majestic soaps for several months. I suffer from dry skin and skin allergies, however; I have had no reactions from your soaps. I think my skin is less dry also. Finally I can use scented soaps without breaking out in a rash. It is wonderful!”
Karen 8/6/13

“Hi, I’m a door prize winner from the spring craft fair from Sioux City, IA and I have been using your soap and I have noticed the difference between your soap and what I’ve gotten from the store. I have to say I like your soap much better my skin isn’t as dry as when I use the store bought soap, thank you. I would like to order more.”
Rhonae 5/2/14

” The Rain soap I got for Ace is Awesome!! Got him clean and smelling good. It made the white hair whiter and he doesn’t look dingy now.
Thank you!!”

“Hi! Enjoyed visiting with you at the Fargo Street Fair and apologize for not getting my comments to you sooner re: the unscented soap.
“Squeaky clean and amazingly pampered is how you will feel when you use Majestic “UNSCENTED” soap.”
“My husband has sensitive skin and we are both allergic to perfumes and most fragrances.
Fragrance free products are sometimes difficult to obtain so it is exciting to find a great product like Majestic UNSCENTED soap.”
“It lathers nicely, isn’t drying to the skin, is reasonably priced and each bar lasts a long time.”
“Give the UNSCENTED soap a try. The only thing you have to lose is a headache!”
Robin 8/8/12

“Hi, Joanne and Steve, My name is Deb. I bought some soap from you on June28th, at Lake City Water Ski Days. The reason I bought the soap is to put it in my bed to help with my leg cramps, restless legs, etc. And boy it worked very good. Have cut them down to maybe once a week, if I feel one coming on I put my feet right on the bar of soap and it goes away. Also works great for my husband too. The soap I got was ALMOND OATMEAL I would like to order the same again. This one did not bother my breathing and nose. I put 2 bars at the end of the bed, between the sheets. Some people need more bars, once a week I rub the bars together, to keep them working. It also helped my Mom, and sisters. they say if they stop working need to put new bars in. Thanks much.”
Deb 8/23/14

“I saw your booth at Art in the Park and asked if you had Peppermint soap, as I had read online that it is supposed to really work for cleaning stinky dog collars. I bought your Peppermint Oatmeal soap, and by-golly-gee if it didn’t get the dog collars clean and odor free! I have tried washing them in the wash machine, hand washing with every chemical under the sun – your soap really worked and was very easy to use. I simply scrubbed it on the wet collars and rinsed – no brushes. Thank you for your recommendation, and I will be buying more in the future!”
Jennifer 9/21/14

“Hi..I just wanted to thank you for the time and effort you put into making your soap. I bought it in nappanee IN this year for my son. He was 19 months at the time. He has such dry skin issues. I bought the almond oatmeal it has done so great for him. No more prescription ointments needed. I just wanted you to know how great your product has been for us! Thanks again.”
Lindsey 10/20/14

“I have used these all natural soaps and i am sold, I have never gotten so many compliments of the natural shine to my hair, also love it that i do not have to use conditioner, Just rub on my scalp, and rinse off!!!! ABSOLUTELY SOLD ON THESE SOAPS!!!”

“I met you at the Onalaska Show. I was the one with English Accent and i had friends with me. I just wanted to tell you that i love your soap. It’s one of the best i have ever purchased.”
Pam 11/5/14

“Thank you so much! I had not noticed that the shipping was incorrect. I just knew the shipping was going to be higher since I bought so many bars. I appreciate it!!Not everyone would have returned that. That is excellent customer service. But my experience has been that you have always gone out of your way to provide excellent service as well as a great product. That’s awesome!
The package did arrive today. I just now opened it and found your check. Thanks again!
Take care,”

“Just wanted to let you know that your soap is amazing. It had a feeling of a mild lotion but left me feeling like I had used a lotion. I loved it. I must say it is the nicest soap I have ever used. After my shower I felt like I had put on a little lotion. I can see now why some of the comments say they wouldn’t use anything else. We have a water softener but I have honestly never had any soap make my skin feel so soft. Thanks so much for your dedication to taking care of a very happy customer!”
Marcia 9/5/15

“Dear Steven and Joanne, Here are some quotes for advertising that I promised: “Keeps me playing my instruments in the Winter, without split fingertips.” “This soap has restored my quality of life!” “ No more cracked skin and split fingertips!” Thank you so much for your product and for inviting me to try this life changing soap. I cannot thank you enough.”
Steve, Band Director, Muskogee Public Schools

“Steve,I purchased a soap for my best bald guy today in Rogers. I used my sample to shave my legs. This is the best soap I’ve ever used!! Thank you for engaging us today. I will be purchasing so many soaps. Wonderful product!!!”
Elizabeth 10/17/15

“You gave me a sample of your lemon soap at War Eagle to try on stains on my horses. It finally got warm enough to try and it seems to work quite well on the stains. It turns out that my pony’s tail is white which I literally did not know.”
Katrina 2/20/16

“Thanks for checking on it and I’m looking forward to receiving the soaps. I bought several from you late last fall and some of this order is also for my daughter who also has dermatitis. I bought one for her when I came to War Eagle last October. She just finally used it and says it’s the best she has ever found. I think I already told you last fall that it has cleared up my dermatitis of the hands. Thanks again!”
Jackie 3/5/17

“Hello! My daughter and I were at the craft fair in Sioux City last Sunday and bought some soaps from you. I was the one asking about using the soap with a loofa. In the past week my daughter, my Husband, myself and I’ve even used the soap on my 2 year old and we love it!!! Instantly our skin feels great, it lathers up very well with the loofa also! I’m wanting to buy some more, I’m wondering though on the website are there only 4 scents to choose from? Were all the other scents at the craft fair just for the craft fair? I should have bought a dozen more bars!!! 😀 Thanks a bunch and I will be placing an order soon!”
Melissa 3/26/17

“I met you at the flea market in New London today. The young woman with curly blonde hair, my boyfriend, and my daughter who also has curly blonde hair. I instantly saw your oils and was interested. It’s only been my first day trying, but so far the muscle aching and anti-anxiety oil seems to be working whether it’s all in my head or actually works. Thank you! Every time I see stuff like it, it costs way more but after hearing it was only $6, I believe it was a great buy.”
Katie 7/2/17

“I also want to tell you I ran out of your soap this week and within 3 days my skin was so dry I couldn’t believe it. I am so sold on your soap. Thank you!”
Lee 10/21/17

“Thank you!!! Excited for the soap! You guys make the best!”
Katie 12/12/17

“Hi Joanne
The Herbal Citrus scent sounds great. Looking forward to receiving the package. I bought some of your soap at Pie Day in Braham Minnesota in August and my daughter and I have been very impressed.  Thanks for a great product”
Martha 12/19/17

“Hi,I bought some of your soaps at the Nappanee Amish Acres Arts & Crafts Festival last year and my Dad and I are absolutely in love with them and interested in purchasing several more. Thank you,”
Jessica 1/29/15

“Thank you for the prompt shipment. I tried the lemon/honey today and love it! I look forward to trying the other scents. I really do appreciate your high quality products!”
Brenda 2/9/18

I also want to tell you I ran out of your soap this week and within 3 days my skin was so dry I couldn’t believe it. I am so sold on your soap. Thank you!

“I bought your soap at the car show. Wow!”
Kathy 6/28/18

“Missed you in Spicer on the 4th of July. I have purchased soap from you for the past few years as I have a granddaughter that has celiac disease and she is able to use your soaps.”
Sue 7/24/18

“Hello Joanne my Name is Megan and I purchased some soap from you when you had your booth set up in Hastings for Rivertown Days. I ABSOLUTELY love your soap and was wondering how I can get more and if you are running any sales?… I bought 4 or 5  bars from you and the Lemon , spearmint and apple are my FAVORITE!! I look forward to hearing from you and hopefully purchasing some more!
Thank you!”
Megan 9/16/18

JONI 12/3/18

“Good morning!
Yay! Can’t wait to get the soap. The kids will be happy to get their “gum” smelling soap. The spearmint one. Merry Christmas and happy New year!”
Erica 12/13/18

“I bought a bar of your Almond Oatmeal at the Cranberry Fest this year. I want to thank you for the quality product that you have made. I’ve been using it for washing my face and my complexion has never looked this great. Skin is smooth and soft. I also got a sample of the Grapefruit & Pomegranate and love the scent
Guaranteed I will be purchasing more as this is the only soap I will be using.”
Thank you.
Kathy 12/26/18