“Thank you so much! I will be watching for my order on Friday. The last 3 years I have been buying from you at Marathon Park in September but I ran out. I tried other soaps and none measure up to yours.
Thanks again!”

“Thank you for the prompt shipment. I tried the lemon/honey today and love it! I look forward to trying the other scents. I really do appreciate your high quality products!”

“I purchased some of your soap last year at an Amish arts and crafts festival in Indiana. I was wondering how I can purchase some more. I love it and it has really helped the eczema that I have on my hands. Thanks!”

“I purchased some at Arts in the Park in Hutchinson and would like to get more of the Almond Oatmeal. I love this soap.”

“We met you at the craft fair in New Ulm. We bought one bar of your “medical/antiseptic smell” bar soap. We REALLY enjoy using it and it does smell clean. It does not leave scum in the shower either!! I have very dry skin on my feet and this seems to help.”

“We tried a bar of your unscented soap and liked using it.”

“Hi—I had purchased some Lemon Honey soap from you at the Alexandria “Art In the Park” this past summer. We do like your soap—plus my hubby’s hands are clean!!!!!!”

“I recently had the unfortunate experience of Head lice in my young daughters long hair. (We tried the schools suggested remedy to no avail. Then used baby oil in her hair and a shower cap overnight. This killed them.) After we killed them I wanted to keep them away. I had read that Tea Tree was a deterrent for the little critters so I got some Tea Tree soap from Majestic Soaps. I was worried about using it in her long hair without conditioner but I tried it anyway, without conditioner. Wow! Her hair combed through without any troubles and it was so soft and shiny afterwards. Even the school nurse noticed how soft it was. I also used it for my own hair and had no troubles combing, plus the soap made it more fluffy.”

“Love your soap! It keeps its fragrance right to the end of the bar!! Great Product!”

“I purchased the RAIN scented soap yesterday at the S & J Majestic Soaps Tent at the Nappanee Arts Festival. I cut off a small slice from the bar today and used it to bathe my Golden Retriever, Ruger. We were both already wet as we had been out for a run in the rain, so it seemed like the ideal time to try the new soap. I was amazed at how quickly I was able to suds up my 97 pound dog. I turned on the hose and had him rinsed off completely in no time! Total bathing time: 6 minutes. My review: 5 Stars”

“I used the rain soap on our long haired puppy. And it does work excellently. She is super soft and her fur feels light, opposed to heavier with the other soap.”

“I purchased Majestic Soaps at the Fargo Street Fair last summer and could hardly wait to go back this summer and purchase more for the entire year. I love your soaps. I love the variety of fragrances, ingredients and the fact that the soaps hold their consistency to the very end. Looking forward to next year and purchasing even more.”

“We saw you at the War Eagle craft fair last weekend. I was talking to I think Steven about the Rain for my dog. Used it today for the first time bathing my dog and it was awesome!!!! I love it much better than the dog shampoo I’ve been using!!! Thank you for the suggestion!!!!! Definitely will be buying it again when the time comes!!!!”

“Last night I purchased ROSEMARY SAGE LAVENDER soap at the Sioux Falls Autumn Festival and used it for the first time today. There were 5 or 6 booths selling soap at the festival and I wanted to try out a soap that would be a more natural product that is good for both myself and the environment…The reason I decided to purchase from S&J Majestic Soaps is because Steven and Joanne were extremely knowledgeable about their products AND I loved the smell of the soap. I have tried natural soaps three times before and had bad experiences…greasy residue, no lather, dries out my skin, or an unpleasant scent…This soap was AMAZING and I am actually going back to the Autumn Fest tomorrow to purchase more bars for Christmas presents! My skin felt moisturized, but clean; the scent was lovely and calming; and I got an amazingly close shave. I highly recommend this product.”

“I love your soaps! They have a wonderful lather and the fragrance lasts throughout the bar. Thank you for a great product.”

“I just wanted to share that I have been using the majestic soaps for several months. I suffer from dry skin and skin allergies, however; I have had no reactions from your soaps. I think my skin is less dry also. Finally I can use scented soaps without breaking out in a rash. It is wonderful!”

“Hi, I’m a door prize winner from the spring craft fair from Sioux City, IA and I have been using your soap and I have noticed the difference between your soap and what I’ve gotten from the store. I have to say I like your soap much better my skin isn’t as dry as when I use the store bought soap, thank you. I would like to order more.”

” The Rain soap I got for Ace is Awesome!! Got him clean and smelling good. It made the white hair whiter and he doesn’t look dingy now.
Thank you!!”

“Hi! Enjoyed visiting with you at the Fargo Street Fair and apologize for not getting my comments to you sooner re: the unscented soap.
“Squeaky clean and amazingly pampered is how you will feel when you use Majestic “UNSCENTED” soap.”
“My husband has sensitive skin and we are both allergic to perfumes and most fragrances.
Fragrance free products are sometimes difficult to obtain so it is exciting to find a great product like Majestic UNSCENTED soap.”
“It lathers nicely, isn’t drying to the skin, is reasonably priced and each bar lasts a long time.”
“Give the UNSCENTED soap a try. The only thing you have to lose is a headache!”

“Hi, Joanne and Steve, My name is Deb. I bought some soap from you on June28th, at Lake City Water Ski Days. The reason I bought the soap is to put it in my bed to help with my leg cramps, restless legs, etc. And boy it worked very good. Have cut them down to maybe once a week, if I feel one coming on I put my feet right on the bar of soap and it goes away. Also works great for my husband too. The soap I got was ALMOND OATMEAL I would like to order the same again. This one did not bother my breathing and nose. I put 2 bars at the end of the bed, between the sheets. Some people need more bars, once a week I rub the bars together, to keep them working. It also helped my Mom, and sisters. they say if they stop working need to put new bars in. Thanks much.”

“I saw your booth at Art in the Park and asked if you had Peppermint soap, as I had read online that it is supposed to really work for cleaning stinky dog collars. I bought your Peppermint Oatmeal soap, and by-golly-gee if it didn’t get the dog collars clean and odor free! I have tried washing them in the wash machine, hand washing with every chemical under the sun – your soap really worked and was very easy to use. I simply scrubbed it on the wet collars and rinsed – no brushes. Thank you for your recommendation, and I will be buying more in the future!”

“Hi..I just wanted to thank you for the time and effort you put into making your soap. I bought it in nappanee IN this year for my son. He was 19 months at the time. He has such dry skin issues. I bought the almond oatmeal it has done so great for him. No more prescription ointments needed. I just wanted you to know how great your product has been for us! Thanks again.”

“I have used these all natural soaps and i am sold, I have never gotten so many compliments of the natural shine to my hair, also love it that i do not have to use conditioner, Just rub on my scalp, and rinse off!!!! ABSOLUTELY SOLD ON THESE SOAPS!!!”

“I met you at the Onalaska Show. I was the one with English Accent and i had friends with me. I just wanted to tell you that i love your soap. It’s one of the best i have ever purchased.”

“Thank you so much! I had not noticed that the shipping was incorrect. I just knew the shipping was going to be higher since I bought so many bars. I appreciate it!!Not everyone would have returned that. That is excellent customer service. But my experience has been that you have always gone out of your way to provide excellent service as well as a great product. That’s awesome!
The package did arrive today. I just now opened it and found your check. Thanks again!
Take care,”

“Just wanted to let you know that your soap is amazing. It had a feeling of a mild lotion but left me feeling like I had used a lotion. I loved it. I must say it is the nicest soap I have ever used. After my shower I felt like I had put on a little lotion. I can see now why some of the comments say they wouldn’t use anything else. We have a water softener but I have honestly never had any soap make my skin feel so soft. Thanks so much for your dedication to taking care of a very happy customer!”

“Dear Steven and Joanne, Here are some quotes for advertising that I promised: “Keeps me playing my instruments in the Winter, without split fingertips.” “This soap has restored my quality of life!” “ No more cracked skin and split fingertips!” Thank you so much for your product and for inviting me to try this life changing soap. I cannot thank you enough.”
Steve, Band Director, Muskogee Public Schools

“Steve,I purchased a soap for my best bald guy today in Rogers. I used my sample to shave my legs. This is the best soap I’ve ever used!! Thank you for engaging us today. I will be purchasing so many soaps. Wonderful product!!!”

“You gave me a sample of your lemon soap at War Eagle to try on stains on my horses. It finally got warm enough to try and it seems to work quite well on the stains. It turns out that my pony’s tail is white which I literally did not know.”

“Hi,I bought some of your soaps at the Nappanee Amish Acres Arts & Crafts Festival last year and my Dad and I are absolutely in love with them and interested in purchasing several more. Thank you,”

“Thank you for the prompt shipment. I tried the lemon/honey today and love it! I look forward to trying the other scents. I really do appreciate your high quality products!”

I also want to tell you I ran out of your soap this week and within 3 days my skin was so dry I couldn’t believe it. I am so sold on your soap. Thank you!

I bought a bar of your Almond Oatmeal at the Cranberry Fest this year. I want to thank you for the quality product that you have made. I’ve been using it for washing my face and my complexion has never looked this great. Skin is smooth and soft. I also got a sample of the Grapefruit & Pomegranate and love the scent
Guaranteed I will be purchasing more as this is the only soap I will be using.
Thank you.