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It’s not just for breakfast anymore!  Coffee is more than just a quick pick me up. Researchers and skin care practitioners have found this favorite of all beans can be beneficial in a variety of forms beyond what we traditionally think of as a morning cup of Joe!  Coffee has numerous benefits for the skin including a valuable source of vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants. It has added benefits of: Anti-aging (Coffee, when added to one’s daily skin care routine via a cleansing bar for example, can reduce dryness, dull appearance and puffiness associated with aging. By encouraging additional blood flow to the skin’s surface, coffee beans can restore skin’s luminescence and provide a more youthful appearance!) Calming: ( Although this seems counter intuitive, anti-oxidants in coffee beans provide a soothing effect and sense of calm and quiet when applied directly to the skin via a soap bar or other skin care product. While there is much to learn about this phenomenon, it is most likely due to the body’s increased blood flow resulting in a feeling of well being. Exfoliant & Cellulite Reduction: (When added to a soap bar or a body scrub, finely ground coffee beans can rid the skin of dry, dead skin cells and restore it to a more radiant and smooth appearance. Coffee, by stimulating blood flow, improves circulation and consequently the appearance of the skin!) Dark Circle Reduction Under The Eyes: (Because of the ability to dilate, or widen, the blood vessels under the skin’s surface, a coffee based soap or nonabrasive face mask can help reduce the appearance of dark circles and puffiness under the eyes for a more illuminated appearance.) Prevent Rosacea Flare Ups: (This very common skin condition is thought to impact 10% of the population. Rosacea flare ups are often caused by bacteria and inflammation. Because of the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of coffee beans, using a coffee based soap in a daily skin routine may reduce the number of occurrences.

We have personally also found that coffee soap rids the hands of the nasty odors of gasoline and fuel oils.

Ingredients: Fat oils consisting of Coconut Oil, Palm Oil, Olive Oil, Rice Oil, Castor Oil and Apricot Oil

Essential Oils: Arabica Coffee

Other: Coffee grounds


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