Essential Oil Rollons


Essential oil rollons:
These are custom made by S & J Majestic soaps and are made with 100% essential oils and carrier oils of Coconut in all of them except the Vanilla Lavender which has a carrier oil of Sweet Almond Oil.

Current inventory consists of the following:
Achy Muscle
Vanilla Lavender
Period Cramp Relief
Colds & Congestion Relief
Purifying Oils
Ylang Ylang Lemon
Bergamot Grapefruit
Cool Citrus Herb
Sexy Musk Blend
Lavender Lemongrass
Bergamot Lime

Indicate in your shopping cart how many rollons that you want.
Specify the scents you are ordering in the note section while checking out.
If you have an interest in a custom order please email us at to discuss. Please include your phone number in your email to us so we can call you to discuss.


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